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Job competitionLooking for a job is not always an easy process. You brush up your resume, update it to somewhat match the job description of what you are applying, research the company, go through interviews, and hope that the company, its culture, matches your skills and personality. But this is much harder for my friends with a disability.


The job market competition is hard as it is and even harder for entry-level positions, and for someone with a disability the competition feels exponentially harder. There are biases, discrimination, stigma, cost, liability, etc. that suddenly appear when a candidate for a position has a disability.


I wish to say that this is not true, but reality and statistics say otherwise. Individuals with disability are underpaid and the unemployment rate is higher, compared to a non-disabled individual.


American Institute issues a report that shows the disparity. It is time to turn to work from home jobs for the disabled. Our technology now allows us to work remote. Companies are now more acceptable of flexible work hours and telecommuting. Let’s leverage the power of the Internet and look for a beneficial work environment.



Online Jobs



List of online Jobs that you could choose from. Online Jobs are not limited to those that are listed below.


    • Virtual AssitantVirtual Assistant – There are plenty of work and even companies built to act as virtual assistants. I have a good friend that started her company solely on providing virtual assistants to busy professionals and online business owners. A virtual assistant is definitely a good job to start your online career. Check out fiverr or Upwork to view some of VA opportunities.


    • Medical Biller – You will need prior experience and certification to start working as a medical biller. Transition to working remotely as a biller is easier when you have established experience and relationship with other companies. On top of working from home as a medical biller, you can start your own business as a medical biller.


    • Social Media Manager – This is an exciting field to get into, especially if you like to be on social media. This field is constantly changing and improving. Social Media is constantly changing, and knowledge of its proper use for more visibility is something that all companies are looking for. Check out to view local opportunities as a social media manager.


    • Content WriterContent Writer – If you like to write or proofread then this is the online career for you. You can pick a job ranging from writing research articles to a blog post. The are a variety of topics as well that you could choose from. To start your online career as a writer check out these websites and


    • Online Tutor – Do you like to help students solve their homework or help them study? If you answer yes to that question, the online tutoring is for you. You can select a subject as your specialty or select multiple subjects if you like. Check out to learn about this online job.


    • Sell Products (Etsy) – If you have a product that you want to sell but do not want to create or manage your own website, then Etsy is good for you. I have a good friend that creates homemade beauty products. She uses Etsy to market and sell her products. There are product reviews on Etsy that could help boost your product when reviews are well taken.


Freelance Jobs


Freelance photographerNot everyone is going to fit in one of those jobs listed above. Some pursue their passion, while some enjoy the traditional work like accounting, architect, etc. The advancement of technology also brought companies opportunity to save cost by hiring someone remotely.


Freelance work has become one of the fastest growing economies. Gig Economy as some call it, provide the flexibility of managing one’s time and the ability to take jobs when needed. The rise of gig economy from Online jobs to Uber is becoming a model that businesses are starting leverage.


There are freelance work now for everyone and almost for every type of job available. Freelance jobs are also becoming competitive. Freelancers will be ranked by on the quality of their work, and those that provide good quality can charge more. The quality of work in the past will be indicative of the price that a prospective client will pay.


Starting your online career on the right path will get you higher income faster than a traditional job.  Listed below are trusted a freelance website that you could use to locate and land your first online job.


  1. (formerly known as Odesk)


Be an Affiliate Marketer


Win affiliate marketingAffiliate Marketing is similar to starting your own business. This means that dedication is required to make it successful, and just like any successful businesses, it will reward you handsomely. The tricky part about affiliate marketing is first determining what it is that you want to do. For those that constantly struggle to go to work and wishing that they could pursue their passion, affiliate marketing could be the answer.


One important factor of being a successful affiliate marketer is identifying a niche that you truly enjoy or passionate about. Remember that you are building a business here, and desire or passion is required to make it work.


You probably heard stories of people making youtube videos and making money online at the same time. Or someone that travels the world, blogging about it and gets paid for it. Those are not unreachable dreams anymore, and anyone could achieve it.


The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you can do this anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. I know that this work because I am doing it now. My brother at the age of 32 quit his 9-5 job and started his online company. Now he is a millionaire doing what he loves and gets to spend a lot of time with his kids.  Click here to learn more about affiliate marketing.


Avoid Scams


Avoid ScamThere are many opportunities online. It might be an online job or starting an online business. Unfortunately, as you search for these opportunities you will come across some scams. There are many scams online, and more are created every day. I have seen a countless amount of scams online, and have heard many people who fell for it.


To help you avoid these scams, I created a guide that you can use to test the legitimacy of the online job or program that you want to buy or join. Usually doing a bit of research on the company or website will help you identify if it is a scam or not, click here to read my review on financial health reset system scam. Listed below are some of the things I would do to check if the opportunity is legitimate.


    • Find Reviews online on the company of program – Be very careful if you cannot find a review about the site or a product. Post a question in yahoo answers or other forums regarding this company or program.


    • Contact the company directly – Is there a way to contact the company directly? Browse their website to locate their contact information. Contact the company directly to check if their offerings are legitimate.


    • Does it promise quick reward – Usually when a product or service promises an immediate reward or big reward, it is a scam. Try not to fall for fake promises. Thoroughly investigate their process and claim.


    • Do you have to pay upfront – most legitimate jobs will not ask you to pay upfront. Some websites will ask for a membership fee before you can join their service (like flexjobs), but read what you are signing up. Find out how to cancel a service or membership before you join. This will help you with cancellation later on. Save any email from the company for record keeping.


  1. Is it asking for your personal Information – Do not provide personal information until you can guarantee that it is a legitimate business. The last thing you need is for someone to steal or use your own personal information or use it illegally.


Even playing field

We can help youThe advent of Internet brought the world a little more close. Technologies these days are able to support Online jobs, online business or being an affiliate marketer. Companies can leverage this marketplace to provide more cost savings. In return, this creates an even playing field for all regardless if you have a disability or not. Work quality is the basis of higher pay and stable work.


Online jobs provide the flexibility that supports our community of people with disability. A much needed even playing field is something that we all truly aspire, where skills speak louder than physical or mental ability.  This is an exciting opportunity that we should all explore and take advantage.

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