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Learn Internet Marketing for Free

Internet Marketing, Online Marketing or Digital Marketing is an umbrella term of marketing a product or services using the Internet, based on Wikipedia. We are overwhelmed with digital advertising, either through our desktop surfing the internet or browsing online using mobile devices. According to the latest studies, the growing number of retail e-commerce is coming from mobile devices and it will continue to grow.  Which makes it easy to learn internet marketing for free through various reputable sites.

What is more surprising is the influence of Mobile devices on buying in retail stores. Deloitte’s studies stated that ” the biggest impact of smartphones isn’t direct sales generated through the mobile channel, but rather the influence they exert over traditional in-store sales to drive in-store conversion and in-store average order size.” , click here to read the article.


The Economy of Online Shopping

The Number of people browsing and buying stuff online is projected to hit 270 million. And the projected sales in U.S. alone will reach $523 Billion by the year 2020, according to Internet retailer study. The growing number of consumers buying online, the growing e-commerce sales, and the influence of mobile devices to affect traditional in-store sales is a clear statement that Internet Marketing is a great industry to explore and use as a platform to earn income.

Other Internet Marketing techniques

  • Affiliate Marketing – Is a marketing Strategy where a commission is earned for every purchased made by a referral. This is a good source of income, either to supplement your current income or replace your current income. I believe that this one of the best ways to truly create an income.
  • Email Marketing – This is sending a commercial message to a selective group of people. These email messages inform and solicit business to users, and depending on the quality, user experience, and the need of the customer,  conversion rates will vary.
  • Social Media Marketing – This is creating an online presence using social media account like twitter, facebook, google+, etc. The main purpose is to gain online visibility, engagement, drive business traffic, and increase revenue.

Internet Marketing is for you

  • Business owners – Online Presence either using a website or social media accounts could lead to more growth. Yelp, Facebook, etc. Consumers would like to be informed about a product or service that they want to purchase, and the first tool that they will use is the internet. A website or social media accounts for your business will not only inform customers about your business but also a chance to convert.
  • Anyone who would like to improve their Online presence  – Increase your online traffic by improving your Page Rank through a various SEO improvement. Everyone could create a website and start an online business, but understanding how online marketing works will help you get a better page ranking result that will lead to more traffic and ultimate growth for your business.
  • Anyone looking for ways to make money online – There are multiple ways to earn money using Internet Marketing. Google Adsense, Selling Ebooks, products/ service online. Affiliate Marketing, etc. Based on the graph from google, ad sense revenue was2 billion. Everyone has a chance to get a piece of that pie when continued effort with the pursuit of knowledge is applied to the Online Marketing business. Online Shopping Industry will continue to grow and more products and services will come and this should excite anyone that are thinking about pursuing Internet Marketing as their source of income. Starting an Online Business Marketing is like a marathon, you will need to train long and hard, but success is inevitable to those that learn, plan and implement. 

When should you learn Internet Marketing

Anytime, but as early as possible is better. Everyday Online marketing is evolving and more and more information is coming. If you buy a book about SEO from 4 years ago I can guarantee you that there are topics, tips or tricks included in that book are not valid anymore. Google is and will continue to improve their algorithm. SEO is going to be changing and those that will continue to learn and stick with the right approach will prosper. But lets not just focus on google as the main source of traffic. Bing, Yahoo, and social media accounts should also be considered.

Where Can you find Information about Internet Marketing

There are multiple ways to learn

  • Podcasts and blogs– Here are some of the podcasts that I listen to. I will encourage you to not only listen to these guys/gals but actually test their tips and tricks. Don’t just believe what they preach, but analyze their approach and techniques. When I hear a podcast that talks about an SEO Technique I will put it to a test on a specific page and see how it would affect my ranking, then analyze what really is working and which techniques do not. So listen to these guys/gals with a grain of salt.
    • The Blog Millionaire – Podcast by Brandon Gaille – Click here to see his ratings.
    • Online Marketing made easy – Podcasts by Amy Porterfield – Click here to see her ratings
    • https://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com/–  Blog by Yaro Stara


  • Online programs that provide results.
    • Here are some of the programs that I have tried, and one that I wanted to try because I am one of his podcast listeners. But after I read this review, I realize that the program is not really his but he was used as a marketer for it. Be careful on the program that you will pick as some of the programs out there could be really expensive and worth nothing. I strongly suggest reading reviews and reaching out to people who actually bought the program.
      1. Quicksprout – I do enjoy listening to Neil’s podcasts because he provides good information, but I chose not to join after reading this review. Neil was used as an actor but is not actually teaching the course. It got my attention because of the respect I have for Neil, but it is a classic bait and switch technique.
      2. Chris Farrell Membership is a good beginner program. It will teach you the basic of building a website to getting an email list. It is a good a place to start to gain knowledge, but a continued membership is not worth it, in my opinion. click here to read my review on Chris Farrell Membership.
      3. Wealthy Affiliate – I believe that this program/community offers a tremendous amount of information. Beginners to advance Internet Marketer will both benefit from the information provided. There are live classes, active chat, and supportive community and the best thing about it is that it is free to join, Click here to read my review on wealthy affiliates.

Why Learn Internet Marketing  and Learn Internet Marketing for Free

I truly believe that Internet Marketing is a great opportunity for anyone to use as a way to improve and drive growth to their business, start their online presence or brand, but more importantly a source of reliable income. I am a proponent to Learn Internet Marketing for Free. There are ways to attain knowledge with no cost and implement their techniques for free. While I also advocate spending money on good programs to further improve your skills, I will caution you about the myriad of scams out there.

I highly suggest to Learn Internet Marketing for free first then venture out to test programs that you think is beneficial. I have heard countless stories of people learning about the potential of making money online but swayed away because of a scam program. Don’t let this happen to you, and don’t let your dream of having a successful business online be another collateral of a scam. Believe in your dreams and leverage the free knowledge out there, click here to start your journey.

Let me know if there’s anything I could do to help you in your journey. Use the comments below to let me know your thoughts and questions.


10 responses to “Ways To Learn Internet Marketing For Free”

  1. Brandon says:

    What an amazing article, Jonathan! I totally agree that growing your social media accounts = more business growth, whether it be a brick and mortar business or online, social media is where the traffic is. If you can tap into it PROPERLY, then you can siphon some traffic off of them, build your email list, so on and so forth. Bottom line, don’t skip this step or you’re leaving money on the table.

    I really enjoyed this article, you have taken the time to write something that many people will benefit from so great job there.


  2. Awesome! One of the most exhaustive reviews I’ve read–great job! This was very helpful and transparent. As one who has spent thousands of dollars marketing online, mostly via. Facebook and other social media, you are dead-on re. Wealthy Affiliate! Thank you for your hard work on this post!

  3. Peter says:

    What do you think of marketing your content through videos? I think I need to try this because right now I’m just doing written content and using my blog and google+ to promote and market. I don’t like Facebook either.
    I want to start making videos and take it to another level. Great post, lots to learn.
    Thanks, Peter

  4. Hi Jonathon, You nailed all the important ways for internet marketing. There are so many scam artists out there, and it is nice to have reviews on different types of teaching. Thanks for the time to do the work. Good luck to you.

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