Jobs for People with PTSD


What is PTSD

PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a disorder characterized by failure to recover after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event, according to mayo clinic. We usually hear PTSD among veterans after coming back from a deployment.

PTSD is not limited to our veterans, and it could happen to anyone that witnesses or experience a traumatic event. Mayo clinic estimates that there are 3 million US cases per year. Those that suffers from this disorder sometimes have difficulty landing a job or keeping one. I will present here best ways to create ideal jobs for people with PTSD.

PTSD triggers

PTSD Triggers could be anything around, but all triggers can be categorized into two, either internal triggers or external triggers. Emotions, thoughts, memories, body sensations are some of the Internal Triggers. External triggers are a smell, a specific scene in a movie, reading something that reminds you of the traumatic event, seeing an accident, special dates, special events, specific locations, etc.

Though there is a general consensus on what PTSD triggers are, everyone that suffers will have their specific triggers that will differ. A veteran surgeon that witnesses a plane crash could prefer to be in the situation to help and treat patients. The initial thought can lead us to think that this scenario could trigger an episode, but the stress of not helping or not being part of the solution is more of a stress than not being involved.

Talk to your physician to discover your own unique triggers. Identifying your own triggers will help you shape an ideal environment at work and some social occasions.

Ideal jobs for people with PTSD


Currently Employed

If you are currently employed and diagnosed with PTSD the most important step to make is to take some time off. Work with your physician on your treatment and timeline. Physicians will usually provide a treatment plan and how long the treatment will last.

It is also good to talk to your physicians about how to return back to work in a limited capacity. Ask your physician to create a letter to your employer that provide details on how to slowly get you back to your normal responsibilities. The letter might talk about limited work to educating coworkers and the company on how to best communicate with someone who suffers from PTSD.

If taking some time off is not possible then it is important to reach out to your physician. Talk to your physician to create a formal letter to your employer. The letter should not go into the detail of the trauma but should discuss how limited work or modified responsibility might be a good option.

Flexibility on schedule as you go through treatment should also be communicated so that you get can the support that you need and still earn your paycheck. Reaching out to HR may be necessary to talk about your current diagnosis. Communicating and educating coworkers is going to be important as well.

Looking for employment

The list of jobs below is considered good jobs for people who sufferers from PTSD, primarily because they have an ideal environment in terms of stress level, no loud noise, and no crowd. When looking for a job or analyzing jobs from the list keep in mind your own triggers.

Understand the work and work environment of a potential job, and determine if it is a suitable work for you. There are some things you will not know until you start a job. Things like how’s your manager will treat you? What’s is the company’s culture? How are your relationships with your coworkers?

Your work environment is going to be a big part of your daily life, and making sure that triggers are not present or minimized is the goal. You might want to create a list of things to ask your interviewer that will help you determine the type of work environment and culture that they have.

 List of Jobs

1. Content Writer – An online writer for different kinds of subjects and flavor. If you love expressing yourself through writing, then this career might be for you. There are multiple online platforms that you can try,,, are some of the platform that I use.


2. Meditation Coach – I think that this is a really good work for those who have successfully manage to control PTSD. There many free materials online, social groups, and online groups that can help you transition into this career. As you explore and try meditation it will not only help you gain control of your own disorder and recover, but also give you the ability to give back.


3. Yoga Instructor – This career is another good option. The benefits are similar to a meditation coach because you reap the benefits and able to pay it forward. Yoga will help you focus on your breathing as well just like meditation with added health benefits. You will need to take certification classes to become a yoga instructor. There is also competition in this field should you want to pursue it further.


4. Librarian – An obvious choice for someone looking for a low-stress work environment, with no loud noise. Search around your city library for any job openings.


5. Photographer – Within this Industry, there are ideal areas that you might want to consider. Real Estate photographer is a good job.The responsibility is primarily taking a good picture of the house that is on sale. Commercial Product photographer is another good niche of the photography business. These photographers take pictures of a specific product for an online catalog. These are the pictures that you see when you look up a product on Amazon. Try to explore this field a little more.


6. Online Jobs – There are different kinds of work that you can find online. From your typical accounting work to a creating a design logo for a small business company. You now are in charge of what you want to take in as work, and you can manage your on time.


7. Affiliate Marketing – An opportunity to make money by creating your own website. The opportunity to make money here is tied to the amount of work you are willing to invest. You can consider this as your own online business where you blog about something you are passionate about, click here to learn the process.

There is a way!


Regardless of your current situation with PTSD, there is certainly a way to create a work environment that is suitable and beneficial for you.


Be proactive in creating your own work space, and with the help of your physician, it can be achieved. I have listed and created this guide with purest intention to help and provide avenues that can help sufferers.

I hope that you will find this approaches useful and beneficial. I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. As always, I am just a message away. Let me know how I could help you further.

10 responses to “Jobs for People with PTSD”

  1. Great report. Thank you. I especially liked that you said PTSD is not just from war terrors, but any kind of trauma.

  2. Deanna says:

    Very interesting website. Unfortunately, due to all the wars there are too many people suffering with this problem.
    Addressing this issue is a very important step to helping those that need it and showing them a way to work in a safe and secure environment is critical.
    Very well done. Deanna

  3. Tony W says:

    I always believed PTSD was like depression. A constant thing. I was not aware there were triggers. I am happy to see it can be managed. I guess The Hulk suffers from PTSD and should try affiliate marketing. LOL

  4. Brandon says:

    PTSD is definitely a real issue, so I’m glad you’re bringing awareness to this condition. I like all the jobs you mentioned for people that suffer from it as well. My favorite would have to be writing, of course because you don’t have to interact with people (I’m an introvert :P). But that is my opinion. And since affiliate marketing goes hand-in-hand with writing, I’ll be choosing that one, too. Thanks for the great article 🙂

    • Jonathan says:

      Thank you for your comment. There are so many online jobs to choose from nowadays. Now it is really a matter of choosing a work that you truly enjoy. Have a great day!

  5. Kurtis Quick says:

    I only see one link for affiliate marketing. Is it going to be stressful? I see you have to look at it like any other business or running your own. So, is it going to get stressful like other businesses can?

    • Jonathan says:

      I like to say that Affiliate marketing should be considered just like any other business. I find Online marketing as less stressful it requires, minimal capital, you can start one hour a day or less if you want, and you can do it from the comfort of your home. I only included one link because Wealthy Affiliate provides a generous 7 day trial of their program. That will give beginners a chance to check if this is something they would like to do.

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