Is Financial Health Reset a Scam


Is Financial Health Reset a Scam?


Is financial health reset a scam? I came across Financial Health Reset Ad on facebook today and it caught my attention. The Facebook post Ad had Mark Cuban on the cover with a headline “The next great recession is Here”. I respect and look up to Mark Cuban as a businessman, investor, and overall person and for trying to help anyone that is willing to strive for success. So when I saw this ad I clicked on it to read what it is all about. Immediately after reading the first paragraph I suspected that this might be a scam. So I decide to go along and see where this ad will take me.

One of the oldest marketing tricks is to scare people, then point them to the solution.  In this case, Financial Health Reset used  “Great Recession is Here” along with Mark Cuban then pointed everyone to their website. The ad cover created a fake credibility to gain attention. And since I find this approach greatly misleading I decided to uncover their real intention.  I clicked on the ad, and I was redirected to a Forbes article. The article looked like a Forbes magazine article, but when I looked at the website URL I noticed that it is from “”. That is the first confirmation that this article is a fake. Nevertheless, I continued on and read the article.


The article talks about the eminent upcoming recession that will affect everyone except the millionaires. The whole article gives the reader a sense of fear and desperation for the upcoming recession. And pointed out that only those with 100k cash will be able to survive – (Something to fear about). So what is the solution? The article goes on about how you can only survive if you start using  Financial Health Reset system (the solution).  And as soon as you click on the link, it will direct you to a page that will ask for your information. In online marketing, this is called “building your list”. The information gathered will then be used by Financial Health Reset in many different ways. One example is to send email marketing campaign about a product or services. They could also sell your information for other marketing purposes.



Doing a little bit more research will show that there are multiple websites built by  Financial Health Reset. All websites looked the same and created for the same purpose. The same information is presented on those sites and they do not provide any information regarding the solution that they are offering. The whole presentation is a scam and just another trick to get people’s information, Even Mark Cuban tweeted it.


There are better ways to learn and start an online business and this it not one of them.  And to avoid falling for this kind of scam is through education. I wrote a small article on how to learn Online Marketing and ways to monetize it, click here to read it. Financial Health Reset is a scam, and prey on people’s fear, presenting a fake solution and stealing their information. There are multiple ways to make money online, and still be ethical. Unfortunately, this marketing approach will continue and the way to deal with this is proper education. I also recommend Wealthy affiliates to anyone that would like to explore the world of Online Marketing. Read my full review on wealthy affiliates here.

I wish everyone a happy new year and more success this year. Let us all be safe!

11 responses to “Is Financial Health Reset a Scam”

  1. Steven says:

    Wow that scam was really deceptive, I can’t believe the length some people go to pray on each other for their own gain.

  2. Ed says:

    Hey Jonathan,

    Thanks for the review on these crooks! I wish there weren’t so many out there, and the officials could do more to stop these con artists, I just hope too many people don’t lose their money, before finding out the truth.


  3. Thank goodness I found your article. I was almost suckered in by this as well. I decided to do a little research first and found your site. You just saved me from making a huge mistake my friend. Thank you for that. I will be checking out your article on Wealthy Affiliate next. I have heard great things about them and look forward to your opinion. Keep up the great work!

  4. Brent says:

    I am so tired of this type of thing. Whoever came up with this scam needs to be tarred and feathered- repeatedly.

    So sick of humans trying to pray on each other for their own gain. What the hell is wrong with you whoever you are? Do you not think that karma is going to take a big bite out of your greedy ass!?!

    Thank you for the article. There are a lot of people who prey off the naive and thanks to people like you, these type of scams can be blown up. there should be accountability for this type of thing. People should be punished for doing this to each other.

    One thing though. you don’t have any share buttons. Why don’t you have any share buttons. I wanna spread this all over twitter, FB and everything!! Jus saying…

  5. You are dead right at the old marketing trick. Being an internet entrepreneur, I’ve seen countless of this scam before.

    There’s one sentence in this post that really caught my attention and that is “Unfortunately, this marketing approach will continue and the way to deal with it is proper education.” This is totally true. There’s no shortcut to success. The only way is by educating and improving ourselves first and work towards success step by step.

    Thanks for uncovering this scam:)

  6. Grant says:

    hi great looking website done well with this and cant believe its a quick post well done lots of info and looks reliable…


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