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There are many ways to answer the question, how to create a business website? but the basic foundation that all website needs will not change. I have created a blog on 4 steps to build your own business website with WordPress, click it to read it.

In this article I will mainly talk about the foundation that you need, to have a working business website. I know that every business is different, and customizing a website should have a plan. We live in a technologically advanced time and one of its advantages is creating a website with ease.

You do not need to be a technically savvy individual to create one. There are many application, support, friendly software that will help us on our way. Don’t worry too much about the technical details. Most of the steps or topics that I will discuss have youtube videos online.


Basic Website Foundation


Web Hosting


Web Hosting is a service that is provided by your chosen web hosting vendor. This service includes access to your website and file storage on a server. There are multiple types of web hosting services. These are Shared, VPS, Cloud, and Dedicated. Each type of service provides a different kind of features and cost. It is best to know your web hosting needs if you want to further investigate the features being provided by each type.


      • Shared Hosting

        – refers to a service where multiple websites are supported by the same server. This is the cheapest in terms of cost compared to all the other types of web hosting. Few things to keep in mind is that the resources of this specific server will not be equally distributed. Web sites will be competing for its resources, which could slow down a web site response.

        Part of Search Engine Optimization ranking is the speed of a website. Be mindful of this when selecting this service. There are multiple Web Hosting companies that provide free web hosting service. The support might be limited, but it will be a good experience to try a shared hosting service. A paid shared hosting service will, of course, be more responsive, but the structure is the same.


      • VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server hosting

        is similar to Shared and Dedicated Hosting. The difference is that one server is used to create multiple Virtual Private Servers and each VPS is supporting one website. VPS then becomes a dedicated server.These VPS will be sharing the resources of one server. The cost will be higher than a Shared Hosting service but will be much cheaper compared to an actual dedicated server.


      • Cloud hosting

        – This service is the most innovative web hosting service currently. Some argue that this hosting service outperforms others in terms of website performance. This service acts the same way as your cloud drive, where multiple machines support your drive or act as one.

        Cloud hosting is not cheap, the reliability it provides and performance come with a price. If you are just starting an online business, this will not be a good choice, but it is a good alternative for companies that will expect a lot of traffic that needs reliable web servers.


      • Dedicated Hosting

        – The most expensive web hosting service in the market. Speed, reliability, security, etc are some of the best features of a dedicated hosting. One website on one server is the main feature of this service. The cost is higher than the cloud hosting, but it is the most secure way to host a website. If you are dealing with sensitive information, then it is worth looking into this type of service.


Web Domain

The domain is your online address. This is your URL your .com, .net, .tv, .org, etc. A good example is, I paid for the domain and selected a web hosting company. You might also hear about subdomain elsewhere. Simply describe, a subdomain is the sub-level for a specific domain.

To clarify this example is the domain, while is the sub-domain. There are multiple website builders that provide free sub-domains with free web hosting. I listed a few website builders in this Article.

Website Creation Tool


You can create your own web pages or website from scratch using PHP code, but that will be troublesome and costly. I suggest that you start with WordPress as your website creation tool. WordPres is the easiest way to create a website. Creating and managing WordPress website is very easy. There are websites that are dedicated to supporting WordPress customization.

Companies have been built to complement and improve WordPress. One really good thing about WordPress is the number of users using it, support,  community, free themes and free plugins. Note that I did not mention Wix mainly because Wix is a website creation tool that could not be hosted anywhere else. If you want to build an online presence for your business you will need this flexibility.

Type of Business Websites


Although the foundation of a website doesn’t change, every business needs a customized website. I mentioned earlier that each business is different. Planning on the type, theme, structure and user experience of a website is a must. Listed below are the category of a website. Every business will fall into one of the categories below, and it will depend on what your business need.


    • E-commerce

      – A website that focuses on online transactions. An online store for your business, some of these sites are,,, etc. One of the primary needs of this type of website is security, reliability, and performance. A website like this could be vulnerable from hacks and attacks. These sites hold confidential information and high security is a must.


    • Lead Generation

      – Typically a lead generation type of website is a one-page website that talks about a product or service. At the end of the page, an option to buy or join their mailing list to get a free product is something that you will see. These type of marketing used to make money, but their effectiveness is on a decline. Users want to explore more and not be tied to a specific page. Building trust with your readers is necessary to gain their service.


    • Informational

      – I lump a lot of websites in this category. Example Informational websites are non-profit websites, Blogs, school websites, etc. These websites provide information to users on a specific topic or subject. Most blogs that are monetized through affiliate marketing have a lot of information on a specific niche.

      Non-profit websites are there to provide information about their service and purpose. You could also add into this category some branding websites. Some branding websites do not conduct an online buying or selling, but solely to provide detailed information about their product or service.


    • Support Site

      – These are becoming much-needed websites. We tend to look for ways to get support about a product that we bought, or something that we would like to purchase. Apple support website is a good example. Some companies are creating website primarily to support their consumers. This builds more trust to their brand with hope to gain loyal customers.

      Another type of support site is a forum. There are multiple forums about anything and everything. Think of Reddit, craigslist, meetup, etc. These sites are created to provide support to a specific group of people.



Identify the type of website that you need and start planning on the overall structure. As you plan your website keep in mind user experience. Creating a beautiful website where your users will have a good experience is the key to keeping online customers. You may need to spend some time on this, so plan it properly and don’t rush it. You will probably have to go through many iterations, but you will know when you have completed it.


Beautiful WordPress Themes


WordPress themes make your website look visually appealing. There a tons of free WordPress theme that you could choose from. Most themes cater to the specific type of business need from blogging to e-commerce. Look for a theme that is visually appealing and provides the features that you need. You could also buy themes that provide help with customization and have technical support. There are themes that have tons of features which eliminate that need for multiple plugins on your site. Check out Elegant themes to view beautifully design theme with excellent support staff.


Elegant Themes




There is no all in one theme that will provide all that you need. For the most part, themes are just templates that you could adapt and customize. As you plan out the structure of your site you will realize that you would like to have to add some features and functionality. Most themes will most likely not have those features. Some features that you might look for are, easy sharing buttons to your social media account, Opt-in form, Chat, SEO plugin, Track your website stats, etc. Depending on what you need I am sure that there is a WordPress plugin for it.  Here are some the plugins that you could probably consider.


List of Plugins that you might need


  • Slimstat – This will track you website visitors
  • Sumome – This a plugin with possible premium features. The plugin will help you with your social media management and opt-in forms.
  • All IN one SEO  – This is a plugin that will help you with you SEO
  • Yoast SEO – A plugin that will help you with SEO.


You got this, and I am here to help

Building a business website is an easy task, but proper planning and analysis are needed. You can start building your website now and continue to make updates on it. You will make mistakes as your progress so don’t hesitate on trying new things. Keep in mind that the main purpose of your site is to provide information and a great user experience to your customers. I hope that this article gave you a little bit more understanding of what you need to build a business website. I wish you all the success on your online journey. I would love to hear from you and your thoughts about this article. Use the comment section below to connect with me.  Thank you!

14 responses to “How to Create a Business Website”

  1. Anis Chity says:

    Hi there thank you for this excellent piece of content you really explained how to create a business website in a fun and interesting way,

    Don’t think it would be easier and better if one could take a training like Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama? It does really make the process easier.

    Thanks for sharing and wish you a great day!

    • Jonathan says:

      Thank you for commenting, and I do recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a program for any beginner to use. I like that fact that they offer a 7 day free course.

      Have a great day!

  2. Neil Brooks says:

    This is such great information, I often wonder about the types of hosting available to users and business and which one is suitable for what type of business and site and of course why we would want to use one over the other.

    Thanks and kind regards


  3. Kevin Bulmer says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    That’s about the most comprehensive and clear article on the initial steps to getting started with your own website that I’ve seen. The whole section on “Types of Websites” alone should be something people could and should consider. Many feel a website is a website is a website … that certainly has evolved.
    I can see what you’re doing being a big help to a lot of people. Keep it up!
    Best wishes

    • Jonathan says:

      Hi, Kevin.. Thank you for you commenting. When I first started I didn’t know there are many types of websites as well. I kept on restructuring because of lack of planning and analysis. At some point, I felt that google might have to ding me (on rankings) because I keep on changing my themes, pages, post, etc. Hope this post will help beginners and save them time.

      Thank you

  4. Kurtis Quick says:

    I have a website that I created for my affiliate marketing. I use WordPress and honestly, the hardest part was deciding which theme to choose. There are thousands of themes and I wanted the right one. Took me a few days of searching and testing themes to find the one I loved.

    • Jonathan says:

      Picking themes is fun, but could get overwhelming. Make sure your theme will not get in a way of providing excellent user experience. Thank you for you comment Kurtis.. Have a great day!

  5. M.Ramlee says:

    Hi there, I just built my website for 2 months now, I would like to ask about this one plugin.
    Name – “Exclude from Navigation” plugin. Do you have any idea about this plugin? Do I really need to install it? As I am trying to keep my number of installed plugin to a minimum, I might want to deactivate this unknown plugin.


    • Jonathan says:

      You can remove this if you want. This is a good plugin to help you manage items that show up on your navigation. Have you ever noticed when you first select a theme that pages show up as a menu on the top of the page? This plugin will exclude any page that you check as to exclude from Navigation. Hope this explanation help.

      Have a great day!

  6. Merry says:

    This was so informative and easy to navigate and read. You have done a wonderful job and the information is outstanding. Thank you for enlightening so many of us who are new to online marketing and building a website.

  7. simlulan says:

    I have intention to set up a website and I’m new to the wordpress. I have also heard of All in one SEO and Yeost SEO but I’ve no idea of how it helps in boosting the ranking of websites.I hope you can enlighten me on this.

    • Jonathan says:

      Both are SEO plugins that will help you customize items that help improve your SEO, items like meta tags, keyword density, serp result look. Without it google will use your Title the first paragraph of your content on the search result. There are more features and important features that both plugin have. Hope this help.. Have a great day!

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