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How to get my site to the top of google? – This is a question that every website owner have asked, and a mystery to many online marketers.  The short answer according to google is to create quality contents catered to users and not robots. But the mystery remains mostly because of the algorithm behind google search engine is a secret, and this algorithm continues to evolve.


Throughout the year’s webmasters have uncovered some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factors that definitely help get to the top result of google search result. Being on the top page of SERP or Search Engine Result Page is not just for the ranking sake, but it is a coveted spot because of the organic traffic that it brings.


There are actually multiple factors that help a post or page to rank up in google. If you will believe in the effectiveness of these SEO factors then we will have a chance to improve our rankings than solely rely on content. Before we start talking about rankings it is necessary to first understand where we currently stand and then clearly identify our goal. Having clarity of our current situation will help us create a sound plan and gauge the effectiveness of our efforts.


Index my post


Search EngingFirst and foremost we need to verify or check that our page or post is indexed by Google. Have you submitted your post to google to be indexed?. For faster result, we will need to utilize the power of google webmaster tool. access to webmaster tool is a MUST for every website owner.


You can leverage the information pulled by this tool to improve your page or post rankings. Submit a sitemap or an index request to ensure your new post or page is indexed right away. Google usually takes a few days to index new post, but with this tool, indexing will only take a few hours.


Using webmaster tool we can identify our rankings and see how far we are from our target goal. The very first thing on our list is to make sure our post is indexed first before we can do anything else.


Leverage keywords


how to know which keywords to useAn understanding of keywords is necessary to improve rankings. Every content created should be tailored to your readers, but make sure that keywords are used properly. Keywords are your allies and it is your doorway to SERP. Depending on how competitive the keywords you used, ranking to the top of SERP could be easily achieved or not.


More competitive keywords will take a long time, so I will encourage you to use keywords that are less competitive and still bring in traffic. You can find all the keywords that you are ranked in google webmaster tool under search traffic and then search under analytics.


Under Search analytics, you will find all kinds of keywords that google ranked your site, and on this page, you can find the position of your page or post related to that keyword. We will be using webmaster tool a lot to help with our efforts to get a higher ranking in google.


Competition Analysis


CompetitionEvery keyword will have some kind of competition. Before you use a keyword it is necessary to do an analysis of the competition. Knowing your competition will give you a realistic expectation on where you will rank once you publish the post. Start with the first page of SERP and determine the difficulty of your keyword, then decide if you will continue to use that keyword or change it.


There are free tools that you could use to help you with your keyword research and competition analysis. Use only reliable tools when analyzing your competition. Do remember that as your site matures and becomes an authority all your pages and post will continue to rank higher.


Optimize it


SEO  or Search Engine Optimization is going to be our primary source of help when improving our site rankings. The result listed on SERP is based on multiple factors, but it comes down to relevance and popularity. SEO can be broken down into two categories, Off-Page and On-Page SEO.


Each category comprises of multiple factors that will determine how your post or page will rank within SERP. Understanding each factor will be beneficial, and could provide a manageable task to do to improve page or post rankings


get my site to the top of google


Here are some of the factors of Off-page and On-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO

  • Content of Page
  • Title Tag
  • URL
  • Image Alt Text
  • Does the site uses HTTPS
  • Does the page load quickly

Off-Page SEO

  • Page Authority
  • Domain Authority
  • Backlinks
  • Social Media presence and Engagement

Create a plan



Now let’s put all these things together. First, we need to make sure that our site is indexed by google, and we can ask google to fetch our new post when we are done with it. Second, we need to identify the proper keyword to use, and then analyze the competition for that keyword. These are the basics of what we need to do to make sure our post will be in the best position when google ranks our post.


After this, we now create a plan on how we could improve each of the Off-page and On-page SEO factors. For some of these factors, time and continuous growth of the website is needed. It is necessary that you create an improvement plan for each factor. The plan may be a few steps, but writing and planning it out is necessary.


One of the purposes of planning it out is to use your plan as a gauge as to how effective your effort or approach. It is easy to look back at the plan and make some modification if you think that a specific factor did not quite improve. Improvement could take some time as well for some of the factors, so allow some time for the effects to set in.


There is no magic formula to be on the top of the SERP, but with a calculated approach and proper planning, we can slowly get to the top of the result page. I hope that this quick guide will help on your online journey. As always I would love to hear from you. Use the comments section below for any questions or feedback. Have a great day!

6 responses to “Get my site to the top of google”

  1. Moon says:

    Great article you have here, very thorough and easily understood. Could you show how to use google webmaster and could you recommend some tools for finding keywords and doing the competition analysis? Thanks!

    • Jonathan says:

      Hi Moon,

      Thank you for your feedback. Try to use jaaxy, it offers a free limited search for you to try. Also check your webmaster tool for free list of possible keyword you could use.

  2. Penny says:

    Thanks for the great info. For people new to this stuff, it’s helpful to have a detailed overview of what’s needed to get your site on google’s first page. I do have a question – using webmaster tools, if you already have a site index added, how do you tell google to fetch your latest posts? Or does webmaster tools do this automatically from the site index?

    • Jonathan says:

      Hi Penny,

      Google will automatically crawl your site for new pages if you submitted a sitemap, but it also has a FETCH feature for you to index your post more quickly.

  3. jairo says:

    Reading all the information that is on this page, I find a great tool that will help me with e-mark, key words are important and here I understand much better how to use them, great work with high quality content

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