4 Steps to Build a Business Website with WordPress


Build A Business Website with WordPress

Today I will show you how to build a business website with WordPress for free.  I have talked about few of the free website builders from a previous post, and I am going to use one of them to show you how easy it is to build a website. I will then talk about few of the WordPress features that you will need to use if want to post contents or update your website. This is part of my Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing series, and you can search related topics using the search field and type “Beginner’s guide”. Or click here to read the Basics of Online Marketing.
In this guide I will not talk about the technical components that you need, to have a running website. All that we need will be provided by Siterubix and WordPress. As you could probably already tell I will be using Siterubix to create a website. Siterubix is very easy to use and user-friendly, and even those that are not tech-savvy will be able to use it. First, I will need to head over to https://siterubix.com to start the process.

1. Sign-up with Siterubix or WordPress


On siterubix landing page, I will need to write the name of my website (ie google, besthikingshoes, jtorana, beyourownboss, etc). Basically, this field will be the website address, I can put either my brand (ie, jtorana, google, msn) or a keyword rich domain (ie besthikingshoes, workfromhomenow, etc). Siterubix will check if the domain name is still available. I can change the name to a different name if the initial selection is already taken. In this case “workfromhomenow’ is already taken, so I changed it to “beyourownbossnow”. If I selected a domain that is still available all I need to do then is click on Build my Free Website! Button to start the creation process. After clicking,  I will be directed to create an account with Siterubix, and all I need is to put my name, Email address, password, and username. From the account creation page, I want to point out that on the top you will see the URL that will be created for your free website.
Complete the registration to access your free website:


2. Plan your website layout or theme


This refers to how your website looks and how easy it is for your readers to navigate. What kind of website are you creating? What kind of content are you going to write? As an example, we can use this website as a reference. The layout of this website is simple, the homepage or Frontpage is where I wrote the Basic guide. There are three additional pages that users can navigate, and these are reviews, articles, and blog.


Each page is strategically created to help out readers. Articles page will have all the how to guides or articles specifically to improve or discuss Online marketing. Reviews page will have a list of products and services that I have reviewed that is related to Online Marketing. Lastly, the blog page is for my thoughts and other opinions about online marketing and my audience. As you plan your layout the goal is to make it simple and easy for your readers to understand and navigate.


The focus is user experience so that your readers will keep coming back. I highly suggest that you browse around and notice how other websites have accomplished this. Look for a website from the same niche or popular websites to get some ideas. Check out Designshack to get more information about website layouts, click here.Once you have a plan and general idea of how you want your website layout then we are half way done!.

3. Select a WordPress theme


There are thousands of theme that you could choose from. Some are free, and there are others where you could pay for additional support and customization. The types of themes could be further categorized, there are themes that specifically caters to bloggers, e-commerce, business, App, Personal, etc. I highly suggest using some of the free themes for now and explore its capability. You will be spending some time managing and configuring your theme, and you will gain a lot more knowledge as you do it. After you have grasped the idea then you could consider using some of the paid themes for additional support and customization. You will also need to explore WordPress plugins and how it could help you with your websites.


4. Start publishing contents


Now you are ready to publish your content. Write articles that are engaging to your readers. The style of writing does not need to be formal. The most important thing you need to keep in mind is to provide quality content for your readers. Write in a way that is easy to understand and follow, like you are telling a story to your friend.  As long as you get your point across and provide very useful information more and more readers will come.  I also encourage you to add videos and images to make your posts or pages visually appealing. We are visual creatures and good images attract attention. People then scroll through the post, and adding catchy images will help you capture the attention and get your point across.



To learn more about online marketing read my post here. Or if you want to join an active community of successful Online entrepreneurs, click here.

12 responses to “4 Steps to Build a Business Website with WordPress”

  1. Maun says:

    Hi Jonathan, great post! Very easy to understand. Me, always fighting with the computer and never think I could build a website myself. Thanks for laying out these process in very easy steps. Now I want to build my own website.

    I would like to know which WordPress theme is best suits for my blog ” Make Money At Home” because there are thousand themes to choose from.

    Thanks in advance . I will come back for more information.

    • Jonathan says:

      There will be many themes that you could choose, and any of those will be sufficient. Aside from a good theme you should also focus on user experience and make sure your post are clear from distractions. Hope this tips helps. Just let me know if you have any more questions. Thank you!

  2. AJ says:


    simple as that, you did a great job, and I can relate because I’ve already done this a few times. Although it seemed easier to follow with your article lol. You should add a video to this too, that would make it even more epic. hahaha. Nice post for sure,

  3. Maurice says:

    You showers a nice simple approach to creating a website. I know about SiteRubix, and wth the large variety of themes to choose from, you will find something you like

  4. Furkan says:

    I wonder about siterubix. It looks cool but is it secure and reliable? Because lots of things happened to the site when I get a platform like that. What do you think about it?

  5. Eric Cantu says:

    Nicely put together. I think the hardest part for so many wanting to build something online is not knowing where to start.

    Nice post.

  6. Greg says:

    Wow, that siterubix tool is really awesome. I’ve not seen where I can build a fully customized site without having to purchase a domain. Thanks for sharing that link!

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